CHnadiagrh to shimla manali Taxi

It depends on your budget whether you are looking for SUV or Bus.

If you will travel in morning to Manali there are many beautiful spots on the way, where you guys can visit if you are traveling by a cab.

If you are running low on a budget you should get with a bus.

But I think you should take a cab, because when you will reach Manali you need a cab which will cost you around 1500-2000rs per day. If you will pick up a cab from Chandigarh it will cost you 7-8

 Chandiagrh to manali Taxi 
Means if you travel by bus:
1000×2- 2000rs ( one way ticket)
1800×2- 36000rs( Sightseeing for 2 days)
1000×2- 2000rs ( bus ticket for Chandigarh)
It means your total is 7600 with bus.

You may get cab Upto 8k for three days that would be great deal I think.

If you have any requirements for cab/hotel at Manali, Chandigarh

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